Difference Between CEREC Crowns and Porcelain Crowns

Cerec Crowns Vs. Porcelain Crowns

Dental crowns are ideal for covering teeth that have become compromised. If a tooth has broken, cracked or fractured, we may recommend that it have a crown placed on top. The procedure is easy, since the tooth is filed down to create a solid foundation for the actual crown to be placed on top. We offer two different types of crowns to our patients. The first is known as a CEREC crown and the second is a porcelain crown. Both have their benefits and can help in creating a full and healthy-looking smile.

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What are CEREC Crowns?
CEREC crowns are permanent restorations made in just one visit. You will have the tooth filed down for the crown and then digital impressions are taken. The impressions are put into our revolutionary CEREC machine where a ceramic crown is made just for you using the details obtained from the digital impression. The crown is then placed during your visit with us and adjusted to improve the fit. CEREC crowns prevent the need for a second visit to our office to have the permanent crown placed.

What are Porcelain Crowns?
Porcelain crowns are ideal for patients who want a stable and highly aesthetic option for covering a compromised tooth. The procedure involves filing down the tooth and then taking impressions of the area to send to a local dental lab. You’ll go home the same day with a temporary crown placed and will come back in to have the new permanent one put on. These crowns are durable, long-lasting and look as natural as your real teeth.

Why Choose One Over the Other?
The choice of which crown you’d prefer really come down to whether or not you’re willing to come in for a second visit. Both crown options are relatively permanent and are durable, long-lasting and work to improve the look of your smile. If you need to have the procedure done quickly and cannot afford to come in for a second visit, a CEREC crown is best suited to your needs. For other patients, you have the option to choose either a ceramic or a porcelain crown depending on what you’d rather choose for the health of your entire smile.

If you think you may need a dental crown, call our office today and we can help to get you in for a consultation appointment.