Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing

What is a Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing?

A scaling and root planing, sometimes referred to as a deep cleaning, is performed by a licensed hygienist in our office. These deep cleanings are essential for patients who have gum disease, as the hygienist works to clean the small pockets that have formed around the teeth due to the progression of the disease. By keeping these small pockets clear of plaque and debris while simultaneously smoothing the roots of the teeth, gum disease progression is stopped and your gums are able to heal naturally.

Why would a Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing be needed?

You may need a scaling and root planing if you have gum disease or if you have a lot of heavy tartar buildup on your teeth. When gum disease develops, small pockets begin to form and deepen around each tooth. Bacteria and plaque then gets into these pockets, making it nearly impossible to keep clean on your own. The scaling and root planing is a way to keep these gingival pockets as clean as possible to prevent further infection of the gums.

What Is A Periodontal Scaling And Root Planing
Scaling And Root Planing Be Needed

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Who’s a good candidate for a Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing?

We will examine your teeth and gums during your bi-annual appointment with us. Gum pockets that are deeper than about 3mm may be a sign that you have gum disease, and we may suggest coming in for a scaling and root planing. You can think of this deep cleaning as important periodontal care specific to the health of your gums. The procedure is often done in two sessions because local anesthetic is necessary to numb the area of the mouth being treated.

What happens during a Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing?

A local anesthetic is administered on the side of the mouth needing the scaling and root planing. The hygienist then works to remove any debris from the teeth using scalers and other dental instruments. The hygienist then works deep into the gum pockets to remove plaque and tartar that may go unnoticed. The roots are then smoothed and you’ll have your teeth flossed before going home. You’ll be scheduled to come in for a second appointment to have the other side of your mouth treated in the same manner.

If you think you may need a scaling and root planing or want to learn more about the procedure, call us today and we can help to schedule an appointment for you.

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Periodontal Scaling And Root Planing