Extractions & Preservation

Extractions and Preservation

We take every step necessary to help save and preserve your natural smile. Unfortunately, there may come a time when an extraction is all that can be done for one or more of your teeth. If a tooth has become severely decayed, has cracked below the gum line or is not supported by enough underlying bone, we may recommend that it be removed. Likewise, patients with impacted wisdom teeth or severe overcrowding may benefit from complete extractions.

When an extraction isn’t necessary, we’re able to preserve the structure of the tooth with a root canal. While root canals are always a concern for patients, they are easily done in our office and can help in removing the pulp of the tooth if it’s become infected or exposed. Root canals are ideal for patients with severe decay who may be concerned about fully removing the tooth.

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An extraction should be done when a tooth no longer services a purpose to your oral health. Decayed teeth, teeth that are loose due to gum disease and severely broken teeth may need to be removed to improve and enhance dental health. We will perform an examination before any type of extraction is done so that we can be sure it’s the right option for you. Some of our patients may need extractions before undergoing orthodontic treatment or if they have impacted wisdom teeth.


When a tooth has broken, cracked or when it’s become severely decayed, we may offer a root canal. This procedure involves full removal of the pulp of a tooth, which is where the nerves and blood supply are housed. Once removed, the tooth will no longer experience pain or sensitivity and it prevents the need for an extraction. Despite many patients dreading a root canal, the procedure is actually quite easy and is done in under an hour in our office on an as-needed basis.

If you are interested in learning more about both extractions and root canals, call our office so that one of our friendly staff members can help to answer all of your questions.

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