Dental X-Rays

Dental X-Rays

What are Dental X-Rays?

Dental x-rays use a small amount of radiation to help us see underneath the surface of your teeth and gums. X-rays are a crucial part of your dental care, as they help us to create treatment plans specific to your needs. We can detect cavities, impacted teeth, bone loss and even infections with the help of these x-rays. The majority of your dental appointments will involve taking x-rays.

Why are Dental X-Rays needed?

Dental x-rays help us to detect, diagnose and treat a range of dental conditions that may go unnoticed otherwise. We take x-rays at most of your appointments and they’re completely safe for the majority of our patients. Some of the reasons your x-rays may be needed include:

  • Detect underlying cavities
  • Detect root canaled and restored teeth
  • Check dental implants
  • Find impacted teeth
  • Check for bone loss
  • Detect infections
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“The best dentist ever! Judy is absolutely amazing! She is always smiling and always is helpful! My dental hygienist Bethany was AMAZING! She was so gentle and explain everything as she went!”

Brittany C.

Who’s a good candidate for Dental X-Rays?

The majority of our patients need to have x-rays done and can benefit from routine imaging. We advise our patients to have x-rays done at most of their appointments. We will let you know when and if x-rays are needed. It’s important to have a full set of dental x-rays taken every few years so that we can monitor any changes to your dental health.

What happens during the process of taking Dental X-Rays?

We first seat you comfortably in our office and drape a lead apron over your body. This lead apron is important to refracting radiation from your body in a safe and effective manner. A small device is then placed inside of the mouth. A larger machine is aimed at this tiny device and the x-ray is then taken. The device is then moved to another area of the mouth to complete your x-rays. The images will immediately transpose to our computer so that we can use them during your appointment and treatment planning.

If you need to have new dental x-rays taken, call us now and we’ll work to get you in for a convenient appointment for you or a family member.

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