Overlapping Teeth: Realign By Orthodontics

Overlapping Teeth Realign By Orthodontics

Orthodontics realign teeth, regardless of age. First, an orthodontic check-up (radios, photos, and casts) is needed to assess whether the treatment is feasible, to determine the options available, and to estimate the duration and cost.

The Rings

Made of metal or transparent ceramic, they sit at the front or back of the teeth. In adults, it is often the most discreet solution that prevails, so the rings on the inside. To avoid foods like chewing gum, as well as chew in an apple or sandwich. Finally, it is necessary to apply to brush and use interdental brushes.

The gutter

Made to measure, invisible, to wear 20 hours a day and to change every 15 days. We take it off to eat. But you have to keep it well. In both cases, at the end of treatment, a restraining system consolidates the result – night gutter and wire glued to the inner side of the teeth.

How long and at what price?

The treatment lasts from six months to two years. The price? Depending on the duration and difficulty of the case, from $ 2,000 for six months for ceramic rings on the front of the teeth or a gutter. Almost double if you want lingual rings (gold and custom). We pay eventually in several times.

Sometimes only rings are possible. In other cases, faceting can alleviate the problem and avoid the need for orthodontics.

Missing tooth: the dental implant

The best solution is the placement of a dental implant: a false titanium root placed in the bone of the jaws, on which one will then screw the new tooth (crown). This avoids, for example, the bridge if a tooth misses between two other teeth. Unless an accident, it will take several decades.

How long and at what price?

The implant lasts for about an hour, under local anesthesia, at the dentist’s office, or an implantologist’s office. Most often, the dentist will wait at least two to three months to check that the implant fits well with the bone before attaching the crown.

The price? $ 2,000 on average for the implant, not including the crown.

Implant placement is contraindicated in some people with diabetes, some heart patients or if there is too little bone. And the risk of failure increases in heavy smokers.

Several teeth to replace: a global treatment

Many missing or missing teeth require comprehensive treatment. We must, therefore, work with all the specialists involved, aesthetic-oriented dentists, implantologists, periodontists, orthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, and psychologists.

If there are good teeth on both sides of an edentulous, we will consider a bridge. But it is necessary to cut, thus to damage the good teeth. Placing an implant to replace each missing tooth is an alternative, but costs more.

Last resort, the removable device is replacing the missing teeth or the entire arch. It clings to the remaining teeth or by a suction system and often includes a fake palate. “Economical, this solution is less comfortable physically and psychologically. “

How many sessions and at what price?

For a simple bridge, it takes 2 to 3 sessions. But the preparation of the teeth and gums can be long.

The price? It varies according to the number of teeth to be replaced and the technique chosen. Before starting, the dentist will offer a quote.

A removable device must be readjusted regularly because the gums and bones move. It can last for ten years.